Health Information Exchange ChartMust Haves: Patient engagement, interactive telehealth encounters, and health information exchange in real time and on demand to complement and supplement in-person care

At Nuvimedix, our operating standard is crafting sustainable telehealth programs, not pilot projects.

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Primary Care Telehealth Solutions

Nuvimedix℠ Basic
360PLUS℠ Deluxe
360PLUS℠ Premium
Nuvimedix℠ Telehealth Readiness Assessment

Nuvimedix℠ Needs & Requirements Analysis
  • Infrastructure; administrative

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Clinical Practice

Nuvimedix™ Virtual Primary Care System
  • Stationary

  • Stationary / Mobile

  • Mobile

Virtual Specialty Consult Capacity

360PLUS™ Proprietary Process Software (standards-based)

360PLUS™ Software Updates and Upgrades

Security Encryption


Training and Post Training

Maintenance / Service

Nuvimedix℠ Technical Support

360PLUS℠ IT Contract Services

  • Data Storage

Not Provided

Available Options

Available Options

  • Custom Connectivity and Integration
  • Remote Service Monitoring and Alerts
  • Other (Client-Defined)
360PLUS℠ Cyber Health Services*

  • Clinician Support (Client-Defined)

Not Provided

Not Provided

Available Options

  • Clinician Forum (Client-Defined)
  • Other (Client-Defined)
360PLUS℠ eHealth Contract Services

  • Interactive Health Promotion Portals

Not Provided

Not Provided

Available Options

  • Distance Learning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Other (client-defined)

* Not available in the United States

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Q: What is telehealth?

A: Telehealth (e-health) describes the clinical (telemedicine) and non-clinical (telecare) array of goods that deliver virtual medical, health, education services, independent of location and distance

Q: Why should we consider adding primary care telehealth to our services?

A: Telehealth addresses access to care issues that impact health, health maintenance and health outcomes, and the associated costs to patients, providers, employers and insurers.

Q: Will Nuvimedix™ telehealth change or disrupt our clinical or operational workflows?

A: NO! Nuvimedix™ primary care telehealth is crafted to compliment and supplement your clinical, IT and administrative practices.

Q: Has patient satisfaction with primary care telehealth been evaluated?

A: Yes. Across multiple patient satisfaction surveys, respondents have voiced their acceptance and positive experiences with increased access to care, less time and travel expense, and less work-related issues.


Q: Why do I need to evaluate whether my organizations is “telehealth ready” or not?

A: Co-planning with providers, IT and administrative staff is essential to implementing a sustainable telehealth program. Evaluating “telehealth readiness” is the first step in the planning process.

Q: How much internet bandwidth do I need for the Nuvimedix™ Virtual Primary Care System?

A: Bandwidth measures how much data can flow through an internet connection at one time. With live HD videoconferencing, bidirectional bandwidth is needed – 1 Mb/s upstream and 1 Mbs/s downstream is sufficient; 1.5 upstream and 1.5 downstream is best.

Q: Is there a standard ratio of hub (practitioner) stations to remote (clinic) stations?

A: One hub (practitioner) station can connect to one to four remote (clinic) stations in different geographic locations.

Q: Why did the Nuvimedix team select specific diagnostic devices for its Virtual Primary Care system?

A: The devices are specific to a broader primary care telehealth application that complements and supports in-person care. Our 360PLUS™ process software is modular, however, which allows us to add new digital devices and incorporate data from these devices into our electronic health database as your needs change.

Q: What distinguishes the Nuvimedix™ system?

A: Nuvimedix provides a virtual primary care platform that includes Nuvimedix℠ planning assistance to help you evaluate telemedicine readiness, needs and requirements. In addition, our 360PLUS™ process software functions as a Medical Device Data System, in terms of capturing, transmitting, storing, converting and displaying patient histories, medical device data and clinical notes within a secure HIPAA-compliant and NOMs-compliant database. It is HL7 ready to “push out” data to your EMR.

Q: Why do you offer 360PLUS℠ Contract Services?

A: You talked, and we listened. 360PLUS℠ Contract Services are client-defined to support implementing telehealth activities when a client’s internal capabilities are not sufficient.