Nuvimedix LLC was founded and funded by CarrierCOM LP, an international telecommunications company established in 1998 as an “international carrier’s carrier.” Strategically based in McAllen, Texas, CarrierCOM expanded its services to include a neutral carrier data center, co-location services, and circuit cross-connections between U.S., Mexican and other carriers. A large percentage of internet traffic for Mexico and points south flows through CarrierCOM’s facilities.

With virtually unlimited internet bandwidth at its disposal, the company has grown organically by exploring other uses of its bandwidth. Management drew on its extensive network of information and telecommunications contacts, and their health care counterparts in the USA, Mexico and Latin America to explore the market opportunity for a telemedicine solution in these countries. An interdisciplinary team was charged with engineering and integrating a real time, “anywhere, any place” telemedicine solution with proprietary, standards-based process software. The overriding goal was to meet the primary care priorities, expectations and needs identified by governments, healthcare providers and consumers in these countries.

Nuvimedix Mexico S DE RL DE CV Team
Nuvimedix Mexico S DE RL DE CV Team

In February 2010, Nuvimedix LLC was established, followed by the launch of its primary care telemedicine solution in May of that year. Nuvimedix Mexico S DE RL DE CV was opened in 2013.

Health care has become holistic, personalized, and entrenched in cyber space. Nuvimedix now has a portfolio of end-to-end, primary care telehealth solutions that can be tailored to meet changing priorities, expectations and needs.

Photo of Andy Browder
Andy Browder
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Hilton Wilson
Hilton Wilson


Primary care telehealth and telemedicine solutions must support and work in tandem with in-person care to

  • Enable best practices
  • Foster patient engagement to improve health outcomes
  • Promote wellness, disease prevention, chronic disease management
  • Generate cost savings to promote sustainable health services

Guiding Principles

Health-seeking behaviors differ, particularly for vulnerable populations. Successful telehealth programs and services recognize the following:

  • Patient needs come first;
  • Access to care is critical;
  • Health outcomes set gold standards;
  • Health resources are scarce; and
  • Funding is limited.